Laser Hair Reduction

Embrace the freedom and confidence that comes with permanent hair reduction.

Liberate yourself from the constant need to shave and wax unwanted facial and body hair in order to feel and look your best. With a series of treatments we can minimize hair growth revealing clear, silky skin that’s ready to bare every day, all year long.

What areas can be treated?

Light-based laser hair reduction can reduce hair from faces (except around eyes), backs, chests, arms, underarms, bikini lines and legs.

Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

Our laser is available for most skin and hair types with the exception of skin recently exposed to the sun, tanning beds or self-tanning products. Your provider will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure based on a variety of factors.

How does it work?

The light is used to target and destroy hair follicles responsible for hair growth without harming surrounding tissue, so there is minimal risk.

How long does it take?

Laser Hair reduction treatments take just minutes for small areas and about a half hour for larger areas.

How many treatments will I need?

Several treatment sessions are recommended for the best aesthetic outcome, but results can be seen just after one treatment. Hair reduction technology can only affect hair in active phases of growth so multiple treatments are necessary to affect all your unwanted hair. You do not need to let hair grow out between treatment sessions.

What will the treatment feel like?

Most people feel only a slight, momentary “snap” at the treatment sight during the procedure.

What is the downtime?

There is little to no downtime. Some people will experience a mild sunburn-like sensation, possibly accompanied by some minor swelling immediately following the treatment. This usually lasts 2 to 24 hours.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to ask your provider to discuss other possible side effects and the necessary post-treatment care with you.